Our Mission Statement

To provide a personalized setting in which individuals can capture and share their memorable moments or stories in a simple, easy, user-friendly environment throughout the world.

Hands from different people coming together.

Our Vision

To create an effortless path for anyone, throughout the world to share moments of their lives, legacies, or stories with friends, families, and followers. For many, to be able to capture, document, and share these memories of one’s life is now a dream that is easily realized.

Meet Our Team

Diana Fried

Diana Fried, the Founder/Owner of rawbooks.com, LLC is a resident of the town of Kewaunee in Wisconsin. She is an amateur writer. Since 2015, she saw a need for ordinary people like herself to share the extraordinary events in her life in story format. Recently, she resigned from working major projects in the Nuclear Industry to pursue the startup of rawbooks.com, LLC. With a Master of Science in Management, she will lead rawbooks.com, LLC from startup to becoming a highly respected and successful forerunner in this market.

Michele Pelnar

Michele Pelnar is the lead for research in startup activities. She is a resident of Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Her background is graphic designer for many years. She’s now realizing the next chapter of her life in the e-world as part of the rawbooks.com, LLC’s team and is excited in helping aspiring writers on their journey!


Debbie Skubal

Debbie Skubal is the lead for web design and development including membership service, privacy policy and cyber security agreements. She is a resident of Kewaunee County in Wisconsin. With a Master of Science in Environmental Science, she has had many roles; such as working for the State of Wisconsin, including owning/operating several small businesses.

Amy Conley

Amy Conley joined our rawbooks family to share her knowledge and insight with social media marketing. She is a resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin. She’s dedicate her previous life to Animal Science and nonprofit work. Now, as an inspiring writer herself, she is focused on being the top social media marketing expert and making rawbooks.com, LLC  a success!

Next Steps...

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